Monday, March 30th, 2015

Make Money Day Trading – Live Stock Trading – May 24th 2007

Harvey Walsh of trades Nasdaq and NYSE stocks live. See how to make money stock trading online.

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7 Responses to “Make Money Day Trading – Live Stock Trading – May 24th 2007”
  1. harveywalsh says:


  2. wboahn says:

    what program do you have on the screen?

  3. si8254 says:

    what is name of the software are you using???thanks

  4. tradertomdotnet says:

    I had a tuff time hearing you…

  5. alirezha says:

    you have to buy the books and its all written there

  6. mrbeanbag says:

    Amazing, I don’t think I saw any of those come up on my IB scanner. So … where did you scout those stocks from? Do you use a live news service of some kind? Cheers.

  7. alirezha says:

    guess i am the first to watch ur video….thnx again

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