Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Market Cap for 2015

This has been a fabulous year for us. In 2015 we doubled our accounts and more. There have been very few losses and some of the losses taken were deliberate to avoid bigger losses. I am really proud of my performance and its a gift from God and giving us a very helpful market for income traders. We create income streams on a monthly basis.

We utilize options and sophisticated derivative trading strategies. Its not a day trading and penny stock formula or a get rich quick scheme where you end up being a hero or a zero. Making 100% to 150% returns on your accounts is what we have done in 2015. I will wait for the year to finish and give out a proper assessment for 2015. We have a small service and a handful people who have stayed with us for years. We don’t advertise and look for subscribers, because we are too busy making money the old fashioned way– by trading.

With that said here is year long final recap on the markets and what you can expect in 2016. It looks good the way charts are. I am a technical trader, and price action is all that matters to me. I don’t question why and how the markets behave and apply logic in a illogical market. Market is an irrational thing and has no reasoning whatsoever. Enjoy the video and join our service in 2016. Its cheaper than going to Starbucks on monthly basis. I give 100% to everyone and nothing is held back.

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