Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Market Crash August 2015


This mornings plunge was configured in the futures which were halted before open! NDX and SPX futures both halted at NYC and that prevented the sudden crash that it was designed to happen.

Since morning both NDX and SPX have recovered nicely. AAPL was down to 92 and its now 107 and green that pushed the NDX back to green also or it will go green. There was nothing anyone could have done when the these events.

We are just going to bide our time here. Sit on hands and watch. Dont not attempt long positions unless you can trade deftly in and out scalps etc.

This is not a pullback. Its a crash that was prevented by NYC circuit breakers.

The McClellan Oscillator has a reading of -375 and when ever this tool gets this low which has not happened in one year the market reverses.

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