Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Market Crash Pending

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15 Responses to “Market Crash Pending”
  1. ccclanbolivia says:

    Just like that…. overnight they took care of the Ireland, Portugal and Spain problems. A few thousand jobs announcement by GM and chryslar and the world’s finaincial problems are solved.

  2. p2rossi says:

    So how about that market crash?……….

  3. angie7dino says:

    @uckfayu another guys view was to sell everything ” Greenway Capital ” when the S& P hit 1200 ??? what do you think ?

  4. bertly71 says:

    Excellent video thanks for the update.

  5. patriotsundergod says:

    after the first half of January

  6. bnfox says:

    Yeah – Larry? This is Obama. We need you and the PPT assembled ASAP – a big job coming up.

  7. uckfayu says:

    i’m with you all the way Christian. I’m thinking we see Dow 10k and S&P 1K very very soon, as in before the end of the year.

  8. wvolson says:

    Tough to Argue with! Thanks for sharing!

  9. AWlogo says:

    @MyEconomics101 – Thnx

  10. MyEconomics101 says:

    Guy sees another sort of flash crash coming …

    Lupoff Sees Opportunities in Commodities, Currencies
    youtube – com/watch?v=r8zScaCDcxM

  11. AWlogo says:

    I notice you’ve just added a new short fork on the FTSE. Ive been waiting for a second chance to get in but doesn’t this go against all of your advice when the slow stoch in down at the 20 line?
    Loving the nightly videos by the way, very informative.

  12. drkevincampbell says:

    It will take a couple more months as Europe continues to fall apart for our markets to begin their nose dive. DOW could go under 6000 by April 1st.

  13. ivangrozny27 says:

    hats off to the boys and girls of the PPT….they’ve been breaking their balls the last couple days.

  14. TheCandaceH says:

    Thanks for the update. =)

  15. Tonytime1 says:

    Appreciate your videos! No likely that bad C word though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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