Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Market Rally Is Unsustainable, Bulls Can’t Win

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9 Responses to “Market Rally Is Unsustainable, Bulls Can’t Win”
  1. varun1979 says:

    If Slow STO is making a lower low and price is not making a lower low, we are saying it is going to go down. At the current moment, Slow STO is already at previous high but price is lower. By same logic does it mean we are going go higher?

  2. JohanKH says:

    No way to drop the value of the dollar? Sure you won’t be able to buy as much but you get to export more and get more cost efficient as labor and producers for everyone else? Maybe it doesn’t solve anything =P. Point from the beginning would had been that maybe it’s most of a crisis for the people and not as much for the companies if they can find new costumers. Same goes for us here in Sweden. People complain on the crisis, which is thanks to USA and the PIIGS, but normal people haven’t noticed

  3. aslkfja says:

    Wasn’t Obama going to announce a new plan for creating jobs somewhere this week . This announcement itself is reason to set stocks higher by some, hey another stimulus plan that’s just great!
    It has to be a wild plan considering there are elections in november, and not much time left for really good job figures to present.

  4. Mustafoinc says:


  5. crayola77777 says:

    What ETF is used to short the FTSE?

  6. jokiyaka says:

    Analysis came to really know.

  7. matello18 says:

    keep it up gangsta

  8. ivangrozny27 says:

    yeah the 10,600 level looks key as well in that falling trendline. On the bullish side they’ve been looking at the higher low as well as inverse H&S pattern going back a few months. Bear side looks more convincing though due to continuing bad economic data and other fundamentals (still tens of trillions in hidden derivatives losses in financial sector) and when you add in the return of greater institutional volume after end of summer holidays, you can see a lot of selling in coming weeks.

  9. rebelchampion says:

    Nuff Respect!

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