Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Market Signals Near Term CRASH

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25 Responses to “Market Signals Near Term CRASH”
  1. TommyMiddleFinger says:

    “Market Signals Near Term CRASH”…. why did the market signals fail then? Out of the 3 scenarios mentioned, the 4th one occured — a bounce to the previous peak and then beyond. This is not a criticism of PSA but I am interested why the crash prediction failed.

  2. epektas80 says:

    give me a f’in break…y’all chartists think charts rule the market.

  3. TanCL100 says:

    WRONG call again, DJIA was at 11,444 as of 5th Nov 2010.

    Please keep such predictions to yourself, otherwise you are going to hurt more innocent investors.

    If your reading of stock market charts is so reliable, you would have been a Billionaire by now, why bother spending time to pulishing your predictions and market calls. That’s the reason why you do not find Warren Buffet doing what you are doing.

  4. rampersnotallowed says:


  5. maskedavenger777 says:

    If you got short on June 9th you could have exited the trade in early Juy with a profit. The problem is that you would have been sitting through most of June with red ink on your position for most of June. Sometimes it’s best to sit it out for a better entry point.

  6. Corrado7mari says:

    @laawaaris333 I don’t think that will be the case. A broker is not a bank. Brokers make money from commissions and spreads, mostly. The money you earn on a trade is money some one else lost. Money doesn’t evaporate, it just changes hands. It is also your job to figure out what assets offer the best return in each economic environment. Even in a total financial meltdown you can get filthy rich, if you know your asset allocation.

  7. PSAadmin says:

    @pokermon919 LOL, well said!

  8. pokermon919 says:

    Not internet free, FREE FREE! Take that to the bank son! Thanks for the vid =D

    P.S. Don’t hit em with a stick, hit em with their own empty wallet for going against the grain. Irony pwns.

  9. PSAadmin says:

    @kiwigal1965 You may want to check with e-trade.com I think they do accounts for many different countries and make trading many different exchanges possible. Please note I can not trade an account for you as that is against the law here… I only provide my opinion. I am pleased to know these lessons are helping others make sense of the markets. ROCK ON!

  10. kiwigal1965 says:

    Thanks for educating both myself and my teenage son on how to understand the world of the stock market. Is it possible to set up an account and trade if you live down here in New Zealand? Thanks, Terri

  11. PSAadmin says:

    @victorm41 Thank you all for your support… I love what I do, and I love providing it all free, but it does not work unless you guys support us, and the support you’ve all shown has been tireless!!!! THANK YOU

  12. victorm41 says:

    Thank You.

  13. PSAadmin says:

    @vashon100 Thank you, that is the key to our success… boil it all down to the strongest indicators and monitor them for direction, when they all say the same thing you’ll trade PERFECT.

  14. vashon100 says:

    I want to reiterate what econoutlook said. The info and description is thorough and great. Your concepts are consistent and uncomplicated to follow. I really like that you have reduced all the bazillion candle combos down to a few that are critical. It’s good that even though the reference is the ’29 parallel, you are not relying on that exclusively and continuing to see what the charts are portraying.

  15. PSAadmin says:

    @econoutlook That’s awesome, thanks man! Half the time I worry I put too much info in a single vid, and the other half of the time I run out of time before I can cover everything I want to cover. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. econoutlook says:

    Thank you as always for the insight. You are able to condense a lot of technical analysis concepts into a plan of action. I learn something here everyday.

  17. PSAadmin says:

    @laawaaris333 There are those out there who see it getting that bad, I don’t think we’ll fail to that extent, but for those who do they could buy gold or silver coins or bars as currency will always default to these medals… but if you are going to that extreme you better buy guns and ammo as well. (whenever possible cover all bases)

  18. laawaaris333 says:

    If bank assets and capital and banks themselves start becoming at “risk” of failure because of this crash, won’t stock brokerages also run the risk of failure and collapse because of the crash. My concern is even if I go short (which I am), I may not have access to my money because all the institutions will collapse

  19. PSAadmin says:

    @jonvssocrates It’s not going to be pretty that is for sure… will need to keep a sharp eye on this. Thanks for the comment!

  20. jonvssocrates says:

    What percent of the general public who’s currently on the sidelines will buy in at 6-7,000? 90%? 95%?
    If it really falls like it did in 1929, it’s going to steal just about everyones money.

  21. PSAadmin says:

    @zozo71zozo71 That’s a risk I can’t bet on…

  22. zozo71zozo71 says:

    yes , but it will take some time to fall

  23. PSAadmin says:

    @ericleongky It is not the only indicator signaling the break down, but it is a strong indicator.

  24. ericleongky says:

    hi, how trust wordy is head & shoulder ?

  25. PSAadmin says:

    @arnoldsimage Thank you for joining us!

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