Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Market surges and AAPL dives after hours

Irony is the word. The market in general couldn’t be more stronger now as it retraces back to 2007 highs where it floundred earlier in the month. All the indexes are back up, and RUT is making back to its 50 day, line in a nice clean sweep.

But one stock AAPL is still not making it up. Today was the earnings day and the stock barely made it to 425 after hours and than crashed back to 403. This was it’s glorious run on its earnings day. How long this disgrace will continue no one knows for sure. But I wouldn’t wait for it.

GOOG which we follow has now reclaimed its 50 day line after the earnings report. It took some doing before it got there and lets see if it can spend few days up here before we get involved with it.

NFLX had a nice run it gaps open 40 points and flagged and stayed there. Just have to see it does constructive work here at and above 200.

Meanwhile the trend seems to resume to the upside and hopefully crush prior highs in the wake. Its been a good year and dozens of trades later we are taking a little breather in our strategies.

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