Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Market Timing – The Greatest Trade Ever Example

Market timing plays an important role in the stock market, but most? To people ignore it completely. Most? A people do not realize that to be? Success when trading or the investment? N in the stock market, one has to have both factors aligned: to be right in an? Analysis and the right time. If either of these two factors are not correct, you may end up losing money. To better explain the importance of synchronization? N the market, I show you an example that has recently happened with the global crisis of 2008, when Lehman Brothers fail?. Do you believe that all people around the world lose money on that? No dear friend, make no mistake, hab? MONEY people who actually made during the crisis so m? T s money? and I jam? s pod? a so? ar or imagine. Gregory Zuckerman was reading “El Comercio m? S big jam? S” a book about the ups and downs that have happened during the global crisis, especially in financial markets, with special attention? Na John Paulson. John Paulson, challenged? Wall Street and having reason? Ny be just the right time? L was able to perform one of, if not increasing trade. This trade is not s? It was great, too? N is great with a slight aroma of simplicity. I would recommend? To read this book, if you are? at all interested in this trade and the stock market as a whole. It shows many stories and facts that have occurred behind? S curtains, without anyone knowing. This book is very good because it? Wing exactly c? Mo many others were about as Paulson was right, but they were right at the wrong time and made a big difference in the outcome.

About the Author Fernando Brinkerhoff is one of the proud authors and writes art? Ass on various topics. You can see other sites of interest? S on cable TV and Delight Minkee.

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