Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Market/Option Wrap Up December 21, 2009 The unusual option buying in Titanium Metals Corp. (TIE) on Friday lead to an explosive move in the stock and options today with members locking in a 100% gains in just one day. I talk a look at the option activity from Friday that lead today’s move with prices seeing a technical break out. Titanium Metals Corp. (TIE) January 15 call strike was still seeing more action on the offer. Alcon Inc. (ACL) saw a pick up in volume with prices falling back knocking us out of our options call spread trade we had in the January contract. Aqua America Inc. (WTR) has been on my radar ever since I picked up unusual call option activity on December 2nd. Today, options saw a pick up in more buying in the March 17.50 call strike. I walk you through the continued accumulation in calls over the last two weeks and take a look at the daily chart showing you what I am looking for on the technical side as prices broke out today and where I am looking to exit.

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