Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Markets At Pivot Point

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10 Responses to “Markets At Pivot Point”
  1. Mustafoinc says:

    Thanks again.

  2. rundatrack says:

    Great Vid

  3. PSAadmin says:

    @TheEarthGerm LOL thanks! :-)

  4. Ilse179 says:

    Thanx for the great video! Keep it up!!! I have a question? Are you not afraid for a short squeeze for the FTSE?

  5. buffett1000 says:

    Good stuff Christian. Keep it up.

  6. dushyantx says:

    What stocks should I look for shorting? I am a newbie.I have invested in some faz and tza. Any other recommendations?

  7. TheEarthGerm says:

    Christian has hit it big time!!! He’s on Yahoo Message Boards…..keep up the good work. The legend is growing.

  8. himakgam says:

    Thanks for the video Christian. I’d like to mention charts that are discussed here show possible medium or long term trends. Options are short term and momentum plays. I find it undesirable to incorporate these two together.

  9. webozzy21 says:


  10. scobla says:

    i know this baby is falling someday or another…. but time is killing me with my put options. any thoughts on recent price activity on ORCL?

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