Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Markets rattled by Fiscal Cliff comments

The gap down today scared many investors at the open it was a continuation move from yesterdays Fiscal Cliff comments. Some stocks opened with a scary gap like AAPL. the good thing is the day ended with great closes in PCLN and GOOG both registering big gains. There were many stocks participating the the rally like EBAY, FB and others.

The market continued with previous days close into the morning, this time a gap opening much lower, spooking many investors, day traders and everyone involved. Just about 9:00 AM comments from speaker John Boehner that a deal can be reached over the Fiscal cliff calmed down the agitated trading environment.

Getting on the TV in front of a highly educated class of people, who monitor every word uttered, unlike millions of Americans who don’t watch these early morning broadcasts, and who may be working ( if they are lucky) only leaves a big footprint in the financial community and rattles the financial markets. It’s impact immediately felt on computer screens.

Making people who hold the keys to our financial system extremely nervous, is not the best strategy during these times and specially during market hours.Better times can be chosen to say the same and bring better results.

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