Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Massive Put Options Bought on the S&P 500 Index Indicating Another Stock Market Crash 2010? Massive Put Options Bought on the S&P 500 Index Indicating Another 2010 Stock Market Crash was highlighted on 9-14-2010 on the another video. Contracts on the 1100 S&P 500 Index Put Option for Oct where at $20 when they bought, now they’re down to $8 on the ask. “Smart Money” Massive Put “Options Trading Activity” the Put Options Purchased on the S&P 500 Index indicating another Stock Market Crash 2010? Charts Options Trading SPX Strategies Live 1120 Sept Put Option Huge Trade Related ETFs SSO, SDS, SPXU & SPY 1120 24696 options contracts traded. Big options purchased 1000 contract lots, $2.1 Million. These guys are expecting a huge drop in the S&P 500 Index. Big boys and institutional traders making huge bearish bets. Wide bid and ask spreads. Big volume moving in, these options are not cheap. $2500 per contract and we’re seeing large institutional options purchases. Many stock market pundits are calling for a “Stock Market Crash” including “Gerald Celente” “Nouriel Roubini” and other notable trends forecasters. Now we’re seeing bigger traders come back after the worst August for the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2001. As many are predicting an “economic collapse” in 2010 it is an election year and “Wall Street” always has a way of putting these stock market sell offs off till it’s convenient for them to first walk off the short-interest before taking the market markets lower. Stock Market Talk Radio Show http Follow us on Twitter: www

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25 Responses to “Massive Put Options Bought on the S&P 500 Index Indicating Another Stock Market Crash 2010?”
  1. CincyDude says:

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  2. StockMarketFunding says:

    @ProfMike789 did we say armageddon? No. Highlighting big bets Wall Streeters are purchasing hardly constitutes us calling for Armageddon you obviously haven’t been watching our other videos

  3. ProfMike789 says:

    @ardizd …Yeah, I’m not so sure our little armageddon-screamer here knows what he’s looking at.

  4. ProfMike789 says:

    @witecracker2 Not really like seeing a plane crash… It’s like seeing the passengers of a plane start rioting, when no crash is imminent. Eventually, the passengers break into the cockpit and cause the crash themselves. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. What’s causing this? I think it’s because taxes will be going up. Remember, when we’re faced with a few percent more in taxes, it’s chump change, but when it’s the rich, that’s billions of dollars. Better off paying less now than more later.

  5. abe2517 says:

    Inside Job – coming soon!

  6. OptionsSchool says:

    thanks for the video don’t these “professionals” know not to trade against the fed, maybe they need more training lol

  7. bdumont100 says:


  8. Astamalana says:

    Hi. Eng ain’t my native language, can you explain me a bit ? Those trader are betting money S&P is about to collapse during October, right ?

    What is S&P ? and how few millions of dollars could affect us ? Isn’t the routine for them to bet such high price on stock ?

    (Sorry if i’m lost there, i have few to none knowledge about stock market)

  9. ardizd says:

    i thought the REDs are puts…no?

  10. CoinsFreedom says:

    @chuck3377 To me it sounds like the TRUTH….which is music to my ears before the fat lady sings!

  11. StockMarketFunding says:

    @witecracker2 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment whitecracker2. You can’t really find out who these people are because markets are anonymous unless you’re the SEC or the broker/dealer…but each 100 contracts at $25 is $250,000 purchase. They’re about $11 underwater after they took the markets higher the other day.

  12. StockMarketFunding says:

    @bobfall You’re welcome bob, thanks for watching! There was some major call buying the next day on the “SPY” in bigger amounts…but they expired the next day and made good money on them…possibly to hedge the that these guys who bought these PUTS are underwater $11 on each of these trades on this video.

  13. Hendo1974 says:

    Market warning, the shit is going to hit the fan!

  14. bobfall says:

    Thank you for the vid.


  15. Montagraph says:

    I personally think that the stock market will drop down to 5900 on Oct 19th 2010!

  16. witecracker2 says:

    unbelievable, actually it like seeing a plane crash before it happens….wow thanks for the heads up,… and just who are the people? anyway to find out??? just curious,…

  17. bigc028282 says:

    Time to take that 401k loan from YOUR money that they won’t let you control or pull, and put the money in gold and silver; if you HAVE already purchased your ammo and food??

  18. ThePerezenterprise says:

    thanks for the info john.

  19. aka5Fires says:

    Yes, but why?
    These are contingency contracts, but on which stocks?

    The S&P is fragmented so it doesn’t mean the whole sky is going to fall, just chunks of of it. So, the question is, what are those chunks connected to, which stocks??? do they or will they affect the price of a loaf of bread and a gallon of gasoline? Is this just another ploy to further devalue the currency??? not in total but incrementally

  20. aka5Fires says:

    Yes, but why?
    These are contingency contracts on which stocks?

    The S&P is fragmentened so it does mean the whole sky is going to fall, just chunks of of it. So, the question is, what are those chunks connected to?

  21. toronto1234 says:

    so if i understand this correctly, they are expecting the fall in October 16, 2010?

  22. ndell7 says:

    The puts are getting cheaper and cheaper every day and quickly losing value. Looks like they could be hedges.

  23. 1mealperday says:

    @ytgv3fc7 agreed, great voice!! lol

  24. 1mealperday says:

    Good time for the average man to pay attention eh?

  25. 1mealperday says:

    @TheGiantNoodle the voice is entirely appropiate. I love it and am thankful to hear it. Beauty of life is the differences

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