Sunday, May 24th, 2015

May 6, 09 : Stock Trading Technical Analysis Stock market is showing a “v” bottom reversal pattern technically speaking. Waiting on bearish pullback to take place.

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15 Responses to “May 6, 09 : Stock Trading Technical Analysis”
  1. gregori0o0 says:

    “we would be dancing” – some people dancing! :-)))

  2. KevinTheNoobie says:

    Hmm… millionaire actually. But close enough guess.

    With somebody of your ignorance, you’ll never achieve that.

  3. drummission says:

    Its 10:15am on 5-7-09 and market down jus 30 points, sell any long positions right now, buy short or run for your lifes, this is going to fall off a cliff, blood in the streets coming folks, “sars broken” on nasdaq

  4. sexydarin1 says:

    up to 9,100 on the dow before she reverses.

  5. edepopede1 says:

    Money floodgates have opened and destroy any technicals. Hey D7, in the past gold was moving up when market down and so on. But recently gold and market are moving up and when the dow dipped gold spiked up. Will we see the inverse head and shoulders on gold playing out? Also look at the 25 year chart of gold. Looks like a cup and handle to me, no? Thanks for your vids.

  6. InterSmells says:

    lol! okay then. You must be a billionaire then.

  7. maximumvalues says:

    at the bottom i bought TAP and DOW calls and i did not know we would do this so i was happy taking a nice profit. those $7.50 DOW calls and $35 TAP calls which were JUNES!!!! would have made me rich rich rich. of course, i sold them when we got near 800 thinking we needed a pull back.. you just dont know. and i have to just try to forget.

  8. maximumvalues says:

    dont you wish, like other traders have, you could take a peek at the stress tests. very interesting the slow leak on these tests.

  9. KevinTheNoobie says:

    This, “(the market)” is what makes people very wealthy. And it makes perfect sense. You just know nothing about it.

  10. marque1999 says:

    Ermm….i dont see the “rounding top” for S&P. Where is it now?

  11. zozo71zozo71 says:

    h and as i said 6 days ago:
    spx = 950

  12. zozo71zozo71 says:

    you right
    in general , the stock (like the life itself) its a gamble !! and we chose what size of a gamble it will be !!

    and tecnical can help us sometimes
    also intuition (???????????????? ) :-) hh

  13. InterSmells says:

    this (the market) really doesn’t make sense.

  14. keitheeds says:

    load up on solar!!

  15. 1120ok says:

    If you go long in a bear market, not only will you get your head handed to you, you will also get your A** handed to you as well. (Been there).

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