Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Metatrader Tips – Expert Advisor Optimization

AE Council MetaTrader Strategy Expert Advisory Metatrader Tester optimization is to use to get the most out of your expert advice. You have to optimize and backtest using this strategy. Tests later in a demo account is essential but backtesting trading allows you to simulate a long period of time in minutes. And you can find the settings best done in a historical period with the selected graphic optimization feature. test thousands of combinations of settings of expert advisory to find the most cost-effective configuration for the selected graphic, range of period and the date is what the optimization feature allows you to MetaTrader 4. strategies based on indicators have to be optimized for maximum profitability. However, almost all ZE optimization will benefit – even those who trade in the tick data, provided that you have full details of the history of the M1. There is no guarantee that these securities will be profitable in the future while restoring Optimizer more cost-effective configuration for the selected dates. It is important to periodically re-optimize your expert advisor to get the best results for market conditions change often. The first thing to do is select the drop-down box Advisory Expert to optimize your advisor expert. Select the currency pair in the Symbol box and the period of success in the Period box. For the model, usually want to select “Open prices only,” unless the optimization of an EA runs on the tick data. In this case, select “Every Tick. “Check the option Use Date and select a date range to optimize. Finally, make sure that the optimization is enabled. To open the Expert Advisor settings, click the Properties button of experts. In the Inputs tab is where going to enter the range of values to optimize. In the beginning column is the value lower for a given environment, while the Stop column will be the highest. The Step column is the amount the optimizer “step step “from the beginning to the detention facility. The optimizer will test all combinations of values of 20, 40, 60 and so on until 200. Use the start, step and stop value that is appropriate for the setting you are optimized. Even the values (5, 10, etc) are good. For the establishment to be optimized, the box to the left should be selected. Any settings that are not checked will use the number in the Value column when optimizing. You can adjust the initial deposit to something a little more realistic tests under the tab. Leave the other settings at their default values. Click the Start button at the bottom right of the strategy tester window when ready to start optimizing. It may take from minutes to several hours depending on the time, date range, the test model and number of adjustments to be optimized. Consider shortening the date range, optimization of fewer options, or using a larger step value if you are taking too long. Open the tab for optimizing results and double-click on the column of earnings to sort the results once the optimization has completed. Double-click on any of the results to load on the tester. To backtest with the selected settings, click the Start button again.

About the author Lee O’Brien is an expert consultant for MetaTrader. Want to learn more about how to use MetaTrader? I just finished my new guide, “MetaTrader 4 for Dummies.” Download it free here: http://www. metatraderglobal. com/metatrader-4-for-dummies / World MetaTrader article

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