Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

More Selling Ahead

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21 Responses to “More Selling Ahead”
  1. maskedavenger777 says:

    I suppose some short covering will cause some buoyancy. Perhaps shortsellers will come in with fresh positions. That would be nice.

  2. hatmanularbore says:


  3. cosmicguerilla1 says:

    die markets , die !

  4. PSAadmin says:

    @BestTrades Always glad to have your input. Thanks.

  5. PSAadmin says:

    @xilin1976 Thanks

  6. PSAadmin says:

    @nocsm1 It’s not safe to play a swing trade to the upside from here.

  7. PSAadmin says:

    @389Lee Thank you as always

  8. PSAadmin says:

    @cunnidvd Thanks

  9. PSAadmin says:

    @SilverDude7890 I too like IBD

  10. PSAadmin says:

    @gundamcyclonus You are welcome

  11. PSAadmin says:

    @icebreaker7 Thank you

  12. drkevincampbell says:

    If DOW drops below 7000 by October, I expect a huge crash a few days later. Gold is clearly a over-hyped bubble. We are in a Deflationary Depression people. Da.

  13. gundamcyclonus says:

    Thanks for your nightly analysis. It’s been a great help.

  14. icebreaker7 says:

    AWESOME as always!!

  15. SilverDude7890 says:

    I clicked your ads !!!!

    Also, Investor Business Daily confirms today (finally) we are in an official “correction”

  16. cunnidvd says:

    Awesome videos!

  17. cunnidvd says:

    @nocsm1 Yeah right that is when it will fill. Everything has been getting revised to the down side. Why would GDP be different

  18. 389Lee says:

    Like always, taking notes. Very interesting.

  19. nocsm1 says:

    Christian, doesn’t the gap have to fill? It will probably fill when they revise GDP upwards on Friday. The market will shoot up 200+ on light volume and some people will be caught in a short squeeze. Be careful out there.

  20. Silberhorter says:

    great analysis, its looking like Elliott wave 3 crasher has started today, just made a link on my burning bankster link on prisonplanet dot at

  21. BestTrades says:

    It’s great watching your vids every evening. Next stop SPX 1020 followed quick time by 880. With the Hindenberg omen, the Cardinal Climax, etc. I’m just hoping for an orderly dump.

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