Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Mother of all Charts

Here is a chart that is making waves on the Internet and media. Every picture tells a story , have you heard the Rod Stewart song ? Well this one speaks of itself. We have come  a long way since 2008. Do you remember the dark wintry nights of 2008 ? The world was coming to an end and Kings of doom and gloom were hovering above our heads from every dark corner in the cave? There was no light in the tunnel only darkness and Bush was sitting on the throne proudly getting whacked by Shoe Candy in Iraq? Remember those days when the banks were collapsing  left and right and your credit lines cut to balances? Click to enlarge the chart.


Is the world still the same since 2008? The stock market should be great ful for the above chart. The greedy bunch on Wall Street has better charts than these. Are they overjoyed at this? No they are not, but holding their Optimism under  poker faces.

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