Thursday, December 28th, 2017

My Favorite Stock Charting Websites This is among the most unnoticed and stunning stock charting website out there. One wonderful tool that they have that no one else has is their sector rankings and research tool. This really is an amazing way to see which sectors are sizzling hot and which are not. It is possible to click each industry name to get a chart of that industry as well as what companies will be in that industry. This is a excellent tool for sector rotation traders. This website is so unnoticed by most traders that I decided to do a video tutorial on exactly how amazing this site is. Everything you are about to see on this video is what you’re given free at this website. This is a different way of doing analysis that more mimics what institutional investors do. It is top down research at its greatest. You basically can observe in seconds which sectors are doing the best. You then can click on a sector and you are given a two month chart on that sector as well as all the companies within that sector. This lets you easily discover what sector funds are flowing into, then it lets you drill down into that sector to get the sector leaders. The idea is to buy uptrending stocks in uptrending sectors.

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