Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Obama sworn in as President

photo courtesy: AP

President elect Obama was sworn in as 44 Th President of The United States. What a historic day for US and the whole world. Son of first generation Kenyan immigrant Obama is the first Afro- American to be President of the United States in its entire history. This has been very historic event for everyone and the world.

President Obama will inherit one of the toughest job in this world. US economy is crippled and mangled, stock market in battered and brusied, jobless claims on the rise and foreclosures rampant. This is not an easy world to be in. The world has suffered along as well wiping out stocks , assets and real estate prices around the globe.

However the mood of the country is shifting to hope and optimism. Even the White House Website changed dramatically today at noon time. Its by far the slickest website any President has used and it carries lots of messages for people.

But the markets have not been happy with Obama in the drivers seat. He has voiced criticism of Wall Street in the past. He is quick to step up on the current practices and bring down more regulation and scrutiny in the days ahead. As a result the market has been steadily sinking all morning and stocks hitting lows of the day. This should have been other way way round, because economy will be mended during his term and leadership if its going to be mended at all. But the markets do not like him one bit, those big players and people who own this market have a dislike.

With all these events happening, we are keeping an eye on financial markets and have posted  few trades in the members section for this month. The markets can sell off here because of erratic earnings season that has just begun today. I do not expect these earnings to be stellar and hence there is a potential of testing November lows in a hurry, we just have to see. Trade cautiously and lightly.

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