Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Online stock broker for advanced stock trading?

Most? A brokerage in l? Line allow you to follow a trend of a population? N determined. However, I have not found any that allow you to filter the stocks of certain pair? Meters.? There stockbrokers l? Line with the tools to try and find values in function? N certain criteria? For example, try and find all stocks whose price and trading volume have been together? Last 3 days they.


2 Responses to “Online stock broker for advanced stock trading?”
  1. JD says:

    Yes, such tools do exist!

    You are wasting your time, they are not predictors!

  2. MikeJ says:

    Many third-party trading tools allow you to do this — eSignal, NinjaTrader, Wealth Lab, etc. There may be some programming or programming-like activity required. You may be best off doing lots of research on such platforms to find out whether they’ll let you do what you want and do it relatively easily — that could save you quite a bit of time later. These also generally cost some amount of money per month to use, although in some cases brokers may pay those fees for you if you trade enough volume.

    Short term/technical-type trading is really quite risky, especially for a new person, so please be careful, no matter what platform you use. The failure rate is by most accounts over 90%.

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