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Online Trading and Stock Market help day Feb 18, 2010 trading in stocks is both risky and difficult. Please consult your financial advisor before attempting to trade actively. TodayTrader is not responsible for any content that may be viewed on this channel. These videos are not meant to be recommendations in the market. Day trading equities requires a retail account balance of at least $25000 and must remain at or above this level to trade stocks actively. This website is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities, options, or futures. The purpose of this content is educational only.

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16 Responses to “Online Trading and Stock Market help day Feb 18, 2010”
  1. bg88888 says:

    busystock d-o-t-c-o-m the stock screener built for traders

  2. airplaneking says:

    I meant bear candle

  3. airplaneking says:

    You said you went long on yahoo right after the powerful bull candle? I don’t get it. At what point did you take your position?

  4. wisheye1 says:

    Nice explanation goldenshots. I would add that a 25k account and 4:1 intraday bp you can take that 100k bp and buy 100k worth of xyz and sell it a minute later and repeat all day. So you could effectively trade over 1 mill dollars of equities in a day very easily. Actually a electronic direct access broker such as Lightspeed will require 27.5k to open a day trade margin account. This give the account a little wiggle room of 2500before it drops below the SEC required minimum balance of 25k.

  5. goldenshots says:

    I agree with @wisheye1….But just for a heads up, most brokers give you 4X intraday buying power (if you have no positions held overnight in that account)…So a person with a minimum of $25,000 has buying power of 100,000….
    Use your imagination lol

  6. wisheye1 says:

    It’s really not prudent to ask someone how much equity is in there account.

  7. vasool74 says:

    If you listen to the video and listen to how many shares he buys of either with Apple or Microsoft, it will give you kind of an idea. –In order to make money, most of the time you need money!

  8. ijust1 says:

    @andyatm2000 Thank you.. however I was wondering more ~ how much money you had traded with.

  9. andyatm2000 says:

    I think I traded about 70k shares give or take a few hundred

  10. cosmicguerilla1 says:

    how much do you trade dude ? 1 mil

  11. emirnkamelia says:

    I meant to say strong pullback rather than a double dip

  12. emirnkamelia says:

    Hey I like your videos and I think they’re insightful.

    If you guys appreciate technical analysis, look at to go in Goldcorp at $33. It is a very strong technical floor. There will be a double dip soon.

    BTW (for the author), can I ask you how technical worked for you in the long term? Do you also use fundamental analysis?

  13. Kardenslayer says:

    Good video

  14. ijust1 says:

    You said you made $1,300 gross, $1,000 net.

    How much did ya trade with?

  15. doubletrig says:

    Great videos, very informative! Like it when you talk about more swing stuff.

  16. czop135 says:

    How do you search stocks for swing trading?

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