Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Online Trading Stock Market Review

Review of US stock market for the week ending 3/19/10. Follow

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6 Responses to “Online Trading Stock Market Review”
  1. bg88888 says:

    busystock d-o-t-c-o-m the stock screener built for traders

  2. sfsTrader says:

    rediculously good use of trend lines!

  3. fourehrsmn says:

    Hi Brian, Iv Read & Very Much Enjoyed your book ! It was Very nice meeting you at The Traders Expo.Thanks for your Analysis. Good Trading!

  4. wisheye1 says:


    “Inflated stocks are not worth anything.”
    They are if they keep on inflating. Only price pays. What you think should happen doesn’t pay.

  5. ePOcp3t says:

    Inflated stocks are not worth anything. All this bullshit will fail sooner or later.
    I like the short term analysis, but on the long run it will not work. “Buy and hold” is out, “Sell and stay away”!
    Trade if you which, but be nimble and make sure you understand that there is no value whatsoever!

  6. endlessmountain says:

    The SPY found great resistance at the 100 period average on the Monthly chart. There is a nice sandwich pattern on this chart within’ the 100/200 averages. Ironically enough the breakout of this range to the upside gives us a little around 122/123 ish where we have the 50 period average on the chart which matches the 61.8 fib level from the 07 highs and 09 lows.

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