Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Option Income trading

The year started with a bang, market up after the holidays and than couldn’t stay there and slided down and than went up again. It does not takes genius to figure out that we have a sideways neutral market with push and pulls to both sides and neither bulls or bears having any control. Its hard luck story for day traders and speculative traders who rely on volatility and large swings in either direction. This type of ” consolidation” pattern occurs after prolonged and serious declines and one day something will click and it will rocket back up on the right side of the charts. Bull markets are made after bear markets and bear markets donot last forever. They are short lived and nasty. Nasty is the word they make you throw in the towel and walk away for good. Hasn’t that happened to most people? Yes it has, people gave up on the markets and forgot about it for now.

Meanwhile survivors have keenly eyed these days and like true grit professionals have started using well know option strategies to make income and lots of it in these sideways markets. Neutral markets are a dream for option sellers and we have it down on this website.

Currently we have 3 solid Stock options trading 2008 for subscribers for February expiration

1. The CHK option income trades 1/16/09
2. The Coca Cola KO income trade 1/16/09
3. The GOOGLE Double Calendar

IF the markets behave here, I plan to add some more of these and sell more of it. Maybe Iron condor trading would next.

These trades are market neutral and delta neutral and they can be adjusted to great amounts before losses can occur. But if the markets start moving 300- 500 each day they may not be worthwhile and we will quickly exit and sit on our hands. On this side we have 80% portfolio of income trades and 20% speculative stuff and day trading type hit and miss trading.


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