Monday, November 6th, 2017

Option Investing Education?

I was wandering where I can find the best options and education strategy? N extraordinary choice commercially available on the Internet, books, real class. I’m from Vancouver, Canada? Thanks


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  1. Eric714 says:

    PCR – Full disclosure I am a graduate and instructor for

    The program was created to help retail traders like you make money in any market, protect capital, and turn losing trades into winners.

    Options are a fantastic instrument. I could not imagine trading without them. However, just like any tool, they can be dangerous. If you use an electric saw and you don’t know what you’re doing, you could lose a finger. However, you could not build a house without it. Is there risk? Yes. But it’s not “risky.”

    If fact options were created to hedge risk. They are a way to manage risk – to protect yourself and limit losses.

    It’s important that you learn options before you trade them. You can easily loose thousands if you are not careful. You see, there are 5 things that can affect options trades. There is only one thing that can effect a stock trade – that is the stock price. Options are effected by the stock price, the strike price, the time remaining in the contract, dividends, and something called implied volatility.

    You can read books (I like Trading Options as a Professional by J Bittman, Spread Trading by G Jensen, The Bible of Options Strategies by Cohen, Option Volatility and Pricing by S Natenberg, to name a few good books.) However, learning to trade options by reading is like learning to ski or sail by reading. You “can” do it. But, you well definitely make mistakes along the way and it will take longer. You’re much better off getting some education and working with someone who has mastered it.

    Could you imagine anyone doing any professional endeavor without getting some sort of professional learning, tutoring, or guidance? There are “naturals” and savants, but chances are we are not them.

    There is free education out there. See the second link below or search for 888 Options. They have some decent basic information. But, it’s not very deep. What to you expect for free? Some brokers offer free education, but it’s usually an intro to a more in depth program, like OptionsAnimal. I know, because we do that for brokers.

    I think Ben Franklin said its best “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

    I hope you check out OptionsAnimal. I know that you will be impressed.

  2. S says:

    Most options broker will have some options training via webcasts, video archive, and education section on the web. I would recommend starting there and then move on to the free stuff on the web before plunking major money into a program. You have to realize that option education companies make more money on their classes, software, and subscriptions than options trading. Some good free sites include,,,, and If you have doubts about an option education company, go to and type in the company’s name in the search box window or search the internet using the company’s name, scam, ripoff, etc. as the keywords.

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