Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Option trading breakdown?

Only a breakdown of the exchange option with a seat on Toyota engines. If someone is watching the markets will undoubtedly see that Toyota Motors (TM) is in some problems and I am trying to learn options trading and, obviously, I’m in the early stages and is reason for asking here. Anyway the question. TM is trading at around 74. $ 00 per share. I’m thinking of the population will decline substantially in the little that is. (Without getting into why and strategy and all that jazz) Say you buy a 100 in October 1970 since February. I think this is a contract with an exercise price of 70 and the contract expires on February 20 Saturday after the third Friday. What is my balance point and how I can know when and how much I’m losing or winning. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your patience. Very appreciated.

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