Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Option Trading Newsletter – Initial Job Claims Spark Rally

Initial Claims spark buyer interest today, pushing prices right back into a resistance resistance level. (VRTX) and (SGI) saw increased call option activity on breakouts, while (GTY) put buyers showed up. I need your feedback if you continue to want to see this kind of videos.


5 Responses to “Option Trading Newsletter – Initial Job Claims Spark Rally”
  1. aviv2005 says:

    I love your style, very nice considering sign up for your services.
    Would you pls comment on AKAM , is a good buy at current levels ?
    PLS keep posting videos, it is very helpfull to the average trader.
    Thanks Eduardo

  2. PhillyHypnosis says:

    Thanks for the video

  3. JulianAbbeyMD says:

    Very well done and great commentary…I think I will try your chat!

  4. thupkt says:

    liked the names for option activity, good info. good long-short trigger analysis. low res video hard to see the options strike pages and prices in general, also the mic volume was inconsistent – perhaps you were moving around a bit? overall pretty good job but the res especially could use work.

  5. CharlieSheenDaMan says:

    Very informative! Keep them coming. Thank you!

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