Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Option Trading Strategies Guide Plus MS Excel Software

  • No Technical Analysis – Learn to Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager!
  • Easy to Use MS Excel Financial Models for All Types Trading
  • Profit whether or not a stock/option/future is going up or down!
  • More than 150+ Pages of Trading Discussions, Market Making, and Trading Strategies
  • Same Day Shipping (If order is placed before 5PM EST)! Delivered as CD-ROM.

Product DescriptionOur book software and offers you the best of both worlds as it pertains to how to trade Without Regard to whether the market (or a stock, option, or future) is going up or down! Will you learn everything you Need to Know About non-directional trading market allow you to Strategies That profit despite the market whether (or a particular stock or security) is going up or down. There are sections dedicated to Many option trading strategies. Specific topics and MS Exce. . . More>>

Option Trading Strategies Guide Plus MS Excel Software

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