Sunday, April 5th, 2015

option trading strategies?

Use appropriate strategies trading options on the table to design the reward on the chart (how we see the graph of that?) Put a call Strike 450 25 11 500 13 18 9550 25Calcular puntosCuando breakeven price of the underlying asset is 700, what is the profit / loss? the ‘table’ is then coprising raw numbers of the call, place and price premiums ejercicio.No care if that option exists only need an answer to this problem. The question of how to get rich is totally different issue I’m not interested atm:) thanks for your help! Anyway, the question is still unanswered. . . !

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4 Responses to “option trading strategies?”
  1. Ted says:

    There is no table.

  2. b2fnow says:

    where’s the link?

  3. Warren534_FuturesTrader says:

    I wish there was a security with option premiums as shown, but in reality, these numbers are impossible.

    If a 450 call is at 25, and a 550 put is at 25, I would buy an infinite number of these combinations for a combined 50, as the combination must be worth at least 100 no matter where the underlying asset is priced.


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