Monday, June 29th, 2015

Option Trading Strategy: Current Opportunity With GM, Part 2

The second part of the option trading strategy series exploring opportunity with GM. Exploring more in depth the concept of selling a naked put with the striking price of $10. Breakeven at $9.30, another option trading strategy is the credit spread, selling one option and buying another, removing the risk of the naked option and even offering a higher percent return on less margin. For more practical and intelligent option trading strategies, visit Opivo Trading at offering a options trading course, going into practical strategies, and a remarkable stock picking service.

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2 Responses to “Option Trading Strategy: Current Opportunity With GM, Part 2”
  1. goldenglovegreek59 says:

    Its wonderful that you take the time to share and teach people. But naked (uncovered) writing on a GM 10??? I think you may have lost BIG without a tight stop!

    Thanks Again for sharing, I advise that you maybe update more often as we all know the story with GM and writing the Put was not a great strategy unless you needed a large tax write off

  2. dongalletini says:

    Pleae do not listen to this idiot, or perform his suggested trades. He’s a flat out moron…suggesting anyone buy a company that is having MAJOR financial problems and is getting ZERO help from the treasury. Check this video back when GM is WAY below $10.

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