Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Option Trading Strategy: Current Opportunity With GM

GM stock has been recently decimated. Is there an option trading strategy to profit from this situation? The overall trend has been down, but has it hit the bottom and if so, what is the option strategy? Video explores trading September calls, or buying January call options for a longer term strategy. Also explores the controversial option trading strategy that could work in this case, selling a naked put. Visit for education on option trading strategies as well as opportunity to profit with explosive stock picks.

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5 Responses to “Option Trading Strategy: Current Opportunity With GM”
  1. frequenceez says:

    Have mercy on the guy he made the video before September 11 when the financial woes started

  2. dongalletini says:

    YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON!!! WTF do commodities prices have to do with the financial wellness of GM? Listen to this message when GM is bankrupt…and WAY below $10.

  3. dongalletini says:

    This guy is clearly an idiot. He’s obviously not aware of GM’s woes, or of the general economy it seems. Having some basic knowledge about options strategy does not make a “good” trade. Who the hell shorts put options on a falling stock?

  4. edmondublianda says:

    I learn a lot

  5. tonythetrader says:

    this guy is pretty smart. shoot i may even do his naked put trade. he talks about the dangers of naked puts, which is right but sometimes it’s not a bad idea especially here. tony

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