Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Option Trading Tips – How To Set Alerts On Think or Swim I often am asked, “how do you follow so many stocks?” The answer is simple, I set alerts on my trading platform. Many new traders are stuck watching a few stocks anywhere from days to weeks before it does what they are looking for it to do. While that is happening there are a ton of other stocks moving and creating trading opportunities. Here is a cool little option trading tip, you can use going forward. Be able to set multiple alerts on your trading platform and just wait till the alert goes off. This will allow you to be able to track more stocks and have more opportunites to make money. The trading platform I am using is Think or Swim and the neat thing I like to do is not only set it on stocks, but also on different options I am trading. Hope you enjoy and please comment and rate if you found this useful.

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  1. equities1 says:

    11:00 PM 10/6/2010
    Hi Josh — I just started a TOS account and am working
    hard to learn the features offered there. They could use
    this as a prop for the set of the Star Trek Enterprise
    Bridge. 99% of the audience would have no idea of what
    they were looking at. Great Vid — keep us posted with
    a new one from time to time.

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