Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Options Trading Strategies Intraday Google Buying Dow Jones Dip

www.StockMarketFunding.com Options Trading Strategies Intraday Google Buying Dow Jones Dip. Stock Market Plunges Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq on Korea Tensions. Wall Street Huge Selloff Opening Bell “How to Trade Stocks” that are under stiff, broad-based pressure, but the opening slide has steadied with the S&P 500 probing its prior session lows in the 1184 to 1186 zone. The dollar has extended its rally so that it is now up 1.2%, which puts it at a session high and its best level in almost two months. Most of the greenback’s gain has come against the euro, which has fallen 1.8% relative to the dollar. Not only does that precipitous drop mark the euro’s worst single-session retreat in more than three months, but it also puts the currency near its worst level in two months. The swings among the currencies come amid continued concern about the tenuous state of finances among countries in the European Union periphery, and the challenge that Ireland faces in structuring a bailout package and implementing austerity measures. Those concerns have only been exacerbated by reports of bilateral military tensions between North Korea and South Korea. DJ30 -179.75 NASDAQ -46.22 SP500 -20.20 NASDAQ Adv 449/718 mln/2084 NYSE Adv/Vol/Dec 438/342 mln/2474


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  1. StockTradingMaster says:

    Awesome video dude

  2. eatfish97 says:

    Great Profits evry day on GOOG

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