Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Options Trading Strategies: Should I Exercise My “In The Money” Stock Options?

www.StockMarketFunding.com Options Trading Strategies Should I Exercise My “In The Money” Stock Options? Deep In-The-Money Options we will excercise our call options on Google.com. “In-The-Money Options” $256 Million dollar stock purchase on the close for (GOOG). Google closed up $60.52 to $601.45 on 14728948 469% higher trading volume relative to it’s 3 month average trading volume of 2850570. “Google helps Nasdaq” gain as banks hurt the “Dow Jones” Index as Bank of America, General Electric, and JP Morgan let the Dow down all down over 5% on the “trading day”. “Google’s Earnings” were great and beat the markets and the stock squeeze and after hours earnings gap was in play. The intraday low was alerted in our “online trading platform” as traders were long Google and getting paid well for their positions. Ultimate Option Strategies — Stock Option Trading Advice, High performance options swing trading system aimed at producing profits of over 100% in google.com options trading activity. We held both calls and some put options to hedge the portfolio risk however we were heavily weighted to the call side. SMF Pro Traders were rewarded hansomely with huge profits on this huge earnings beat by google. Bank Huge Options Trading Profits on “options expiration”. Maximizing Option Trading Profits With Fast Puts And Calls and intraday options trading strategies. We train stock market traders and options traders to generate income trading stocks and options like a Wall Street Pro

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3 Responses to “Options Trading Strategies: Should I Exercise My “In The Money” Stock Options?”
  1. eatfish97 says:

    Great d? A huge benefit to SMF

  2. StockMarketFunding says:

    @eatfish97 I know, Jim Cramer said “I under estimated Google” yeah just he forget to tell people that Google “GOOG” has done a great job even with Eric Schmitt saying we have tougher times ahead.


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