Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Options Trading System (2 of 3) by San Jose Options WE JUST GOT BETTER! We already had some of the safest option trading strategies ever taught anywhere, but one thing leads to another, and we just got even better! RECENT DISCOVERIES : RISK-FREE INSURANCE Recently, weve developed a Self-Adjusting trading system which in a few words is Simply Amazing! What weve done is discovered a way to trade with nearly Risk-Free Insurance. What this means is that the insurance we use to protect our trades virtually risks nothing if we do not use it. In a normal situation, insurance strategies lose money each month and eat up your profits, but weve designed a way around this problem! A REAL-LIFE TRADING EXAMPLE Lets say you want to trade an Iron Condor, but you want to do this with insurance to the upside and to the downside. Well, 99.99% of all option traders only know how to design a trade where the insurance will eat up most of the profits if the Iron Condor is profitable. With our newly designed Risk-Free Insurance Method, we can trade the Iron Condor with surrounding insurance plays which do not take away from the Condor profits. In fact, many of the insurance plays will also make money while simultaneously adding insurance to the position! STRATEGY FEEDBACK Student feedback on this new strategy has been more than awesome, and I am loving it myself. In all my years in options education as a former student and now as a mentor, I have never seen or heard of this technique. Students are saying that I invented this

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