Thursday, February 16th, 2017

OptionVue and Backtesting Option Strategies hosted training on the world’s best options analysis software. See how back testing your option strategies can empower you as a trader and help you make better trading decisions. Options are not the highly risky investment many people believe them to be. In fact, options were created to reduce risk and to make your investments safer. It is quite possible to misuse options, but if you take the time and make the effort to understand how they work and how you can use them, you will find two things happening in your investment portfolio… 1.) You will find that your portfolio becomes much less volatile. You will stop fearing market downturns, because you will know that your investments are safe from substantial price declines. You will also begin looking at these market sell-offs as opportunities to profit. 2.) You’ll see better returns because options allow you to not only profit from directional changes in the market, but also from the effect of time. Sign up now for your free mini-course, and learn how you can rip risk right out of your investment portfolio and enhance your profits at the same time!


One Response to “OptionVue and Backtesting Option Strategies”
  1. gutrp says:

    Can u backtest say for example – 10 indicators of my choice (like 2d-RSI, macd, bollinger, bollinger%, etc) on a particular stock for as far back as 15 years to present date?
    Or to test if my entry exit points using those 10 indicators is profitable how many times in history?

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