Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Overhand Blind Shuffle (Top Stock)

This is a blind overhand shuffle controlling the top stock whilst the rest of the deck is shuffled. The modified method is based on Erdnase’s “To Retain Top Stock and Shuffle Whole Deck” found in the Blind Shuffle area of the book. My method is instead of injogging the first card to jog a slug of card, shuffle off, pick up holding break at jog then shuffle off to break. I usually jog to first slug to the right but on occassion to fool a knowing audience I will just shuffle regularly allowing the cards to naturally jog outwards (towards the audience) which can be seen at 1:15-1:20. I did it quite sloppy in the video but when the cards are jogged outward I am able to seemingly completely square up the deck before I even get my break. It has been commented that my break is extremely small. Perhaps this was because I learned it from the Bible-size edition of Erdnase. But seriously my break was much larger long ago when I started. To the point where I was being caught out. I worked to find ways to keep the break as small as possible while not risking losing it. A great help for me presented itself in the special features of the movie “Shade”. It is a clip of R. Paul Wilson teaching sleight of hand to the actors and I saw that his breaks were tiny and I tried to duplicate it. To finish I show the blind shuffle with a card face up so that you may follow the action, I also positioned the camera much lower than what an audience would see and enlarged the break slightly so that you


25 Responses to “Overhand Blind Shuffle (Top Stock)”
  1. vanshthakur100 says:

    heads off to you!

    This inspires me

  2. jihad4realniz says:

    BIG BIG kudos man!!!!!!!

  3. remowilliams8 says:

    I couldn’t even follow what was going on! Looked like a real shuffle, then, BAM! 4 Aces! You’re incredible!

  4. chenpeihuan says:

    OH MY GOD!

  5. FishySpartans123 says:

    Your amazing. Not even the greatest magicians can do this as well as you can.

  6. frenchbullfrog says:

    Ive been messing with pasteboards for over 4o years, you have my respect!

  7. YUZU2009NICO says:

    Wow!!! It’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  8. lelandldog says:

    Freaking awesome!!!

  9. madskillz5531 says:

    what a beast

  10. profanityprayers says:

    Your overhand is better than mine. Thank you for inspiring me. I now know there is no sleight that I can’t do with practice. Your videos have made my night.

  11. superchef78 says:

    Can you do a double lift?

  12. Rodegierr says:

    awesome man love it

  13. mexicanindisguise says:

    omg that was awesome way better than me

  14. tonylahh says:

    dam that is good

  15. funkkytek says:

    You are AWESOME!!!

  16. emagiad says:

    Jajajajajajaja… Me rio de la imprecion que provoco a mis sentidos hace tanto tiempo que no me asombro al ver magia y aunque me gusta y disfruto viendola no produce el impacto que ha producido este gran efecto magico y este autentico mago ejemplo de superacion y es mas lindo cuando se demuestra con cartomagia un arte muy complejo y nada facil de ejecutar con las manos completas y este gran mago lo hace de manera especial y diferente 1000000 de felicidades a este gran mago…

  17. clarence22joseph says:

    My goodness.

  18. sagar65265 says:

    Mahdi, you have just shown the world what real magic is with this video. A fascinating video, an ever so inspirational. AMAZING job!!!


  19. asdff1818 says:

    That is amazing, I have practiced a lot, and yours is more deceptive than mine. I couldn’t follow it either.

  20. Rixardxcore says:

    GReat Magician Man !! (y)

  21. Volcenokidz says:

    its sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo amazing mann….great magic i love it man…
    u ar soo AWSOME….

  22. peterddakmagic says:

    you are insane….
    that is all

  23. WorstPerformancer says:

    wow better than me dude i have no idea how u did

  24. vVSeBaVv says:

    Awsome Man :)!!

  25. JosephMcCrae says:

    your amazing, you show what real magic is.

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