Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Pair trading – PW1.62 demo 1 (overview)

This video showcases some of the features of the Portfolio Watcher1.62 which is used for spread/pair trading. It shows you how to add and delete pairs, batch-import a list of pairs, automatically collect earnings and ex-div dates, as well as add new positions and monitor them. It also shows you the indicators next to the pair-name which alert you if the price of any stock you’re holding is withing 5 cents from daily hi/lo and 52 week hi/lo, and if the stock is going to have earnings or go ex-div within next 5 days. Target alerts are also shown – you can set a target buy/sell level and PW will alert you by voice, a message box, or both. This is very useful, because with such a feature you don’t have to be glued to your monitor – let the market come to you. For more info, please visit my website –


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