Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

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www.TheOnlyBest.com How to Invest in Penny Stocks Penny Stocks are stocks that usually trade below $5 per share. Sometimes these stocks are sold for just a fraction of a cent. Here are some of the negatives: Penny Stocks are usually high risk stocks that are sold by smaller companies that are seeking money for expansion. These stocks tend to fluctuate greatly in price over time and have a rather low track record. On the positive side you can invest in a thousand Penny Stocks for just a few dollars Action 1 Use your computer and the internet to research Penny Stocks and Penny Stock Brokerage firms extensively. The internet websites you search will show that Penny Stocks are not a sure bet by any means. Besides researching the stocks and firms online, look for any other information you can about Penny Stocks and Penny Stock Brokers. Do your homework! Action 2 Make the best decision possible after you are sure you have all the necessary information for investing in Penny Stocks. Only buy your Penny Stocks from an experienced and proven brokerage firm. And if you are a new investor start ‘small’. Action 3 Securities and Exchange Commission Rules Know your Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules: 1. You must be approved for the transaction and be given a written agreement to the transaction by your firm. 2. The firm must furnish you with a document describing the risks of investing in penny stocks. 3. Your broker must give you the current market quotation for the penny


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    What do you think about the Yuan as an investment?

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