Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Penny Stock Picks – Watch me make $6082.60! Watch over my shoulder as I make $6082.60 using my automated stock trading robot…


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  1. xzample77 says:

    I wish I would have brought EEE when it was like .98 a share. Its now 2.25 Im new to this so I went to a site where you could trade real stocks with fake money just to see how you do. I want to do penny stocks but don’t really have a system for finding them. Any suggestions?

  2. anonymouslogon6 says:


    That is an interesting opinion. Is that possible? I thought P&Ds happened because of a lot of pumping on the boards. I am inexperienced though…

  3. paakw3si says:

    If you were smart and bought the ticker SAEIE that I gave you two months ago. you will have made . Again on 10/29/10 the closing price was 0.10, as of 12/31/10 it is still .10 but on 12/10/10 the high price was $0.93. If you were to buy the closing price 0.10 on 10/29/10 for $2,000 that will be roughly 20,000 shares. and sold it on 12/10/10. You will have made $18,600. Like i said the only people that make money are the one that watches it, and believe in it not the ones that complain

  4. GFYourBank says:

    what happens if it dosent sell?

  5. gkcnae says:

    this is actually real…but i know how he do it tho……..
    he jus keep making videos and buying penny stocks until one that actually went up alot..then he shows us the video of the one he made money.

  6. JDSPECTRA531 says:

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  7. thesexyfinancialshow says:

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  8. grunge65432 says:


    WEBSITE: learn how to invest and ask questions on forums.

  9. PennyStockNewsletter says:

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  10. SLycan09 says:

    Estimated proceeds = $676.04?

  11. paakw3si says:

    @Sabrinad3 you will be surprise, how penny stocks can move up quickly, if you put in a $1,000.take ticker symbol SAEIE for example on friday 10/29/2010 it open at $0.0599 and closed at 0.101

    Let say you put up $2,000 (that will be roughly 33,389shares @ 0.0599
    Now selling at the price price at 0.101, you will have a total of $3,372.28. Just in one day. so your profit will be $1,372.28. You literally have to do your research.

  12. paakw3si says:

    @atomicdungeon When I was in college. I figure out a system that best worked for me. I deposited $500 in my etrade account.,and I wanted to make an income of $1,000 a month without actually working. To make the $1,000 a month. All I had to do was pick penny stock that will give me $50 profit every day. $50 a day was all it took. 5days that equal $250 a week, of course i couldnt trade that particular stock in a day, waited the next day.some days i made $200,and i will not trade till the 5thday

  13. SGTSOULTAK3R says:

    Have you ever thought about doing voice overs for bussiness?

  14. plutus777 says:

    Stock pick: CPHD

    A possible big winner. Watch video on my channel.

  15. plutus777 says:

    Next Big Winner: CPHD

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  16. Sabrinad3 says:

    Could not be faked in annyway huh? How about a money deposit into your account to pump it up to $12,000?

  17. ZzZtrader says:

    Check out my channel and subscribe. I will be teaching you all how to become successful penny stock traders for FREE.

  18. primeminister78 says:

    @brownsfan1283 stocks move VERY quick

  19. HarlemzDramaBoi says:

    @BorderMan911 this strategy is actually pretty easy. Basically what he did with his order is purposely created volume on a stock. That stock came up on people’s scanners, and while they came in to this shop of horror he dumped the next day and got out. It’s called shorting, or in the penny world P&D.

  20. HarlemzDramaBoi says:

    @krunal05 you are slow. That could of hundred dollars was made on the last bit of shares 1450 If I remember correctly. If you really trade like you say you do, then you should have noticed those sell orders he previously made probably throughout the morning as well as the day before.

  21. rbehani777 says:

    so after a few months I will be seeing you in forbes eh?

  22. atomicdungeon says:

    @krunal05 why feel unsuccessful under 20%? When the big hedge funds consider that doing great.That beats the s&p at 15%.. I would rather have $400 everyday instead of waiting for the $2,000 home run..that will probably not happen 95% of the time,especially with penny stocks..

  23. andersondexter says:

    If you had $5000 cash to lose you could open a margin account with any online broker ($2000 minimum) and you will be given trading power of $10,000 to put down on stocks over $4. Probably a better bet than some random unregulated stock traded by uninformed people

  24. CanadaMicroCap says:

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  25. brownsfan1283 says:

    lol, why did he enter a .38 limit order when the stock was .13

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