Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Penny Stocking Chapter 1 Tim’s Intro. http Just a sneak preview of what you get from my no BS 6-Hour DVD – ‘PennyStocking’ – Penny Stock Trading Strategies To Maximize Your Profits.


5 Responses to “Penny Stocking Chapter 1 Tim’s Intro.”
  1. timothysykesdotcom says:

    @Carlibra57 read my book, i got away from my core trading strategy and tried investing, tough but necessary lesson

  2. cokesniffing says:

    PENNYCHAT(. )NET to chat and get investing ideas on penny plays!

  3. bryguyisfly says:

    Whats your thoughts on buying options (calls) on the TSX Venture Exchange, gives me a bit of a hedge. And I want to see you in Toronto – easily taking on Bay Street of course. Easy.

  4. timothysykesdotcom says:

    No, it was a lack of discipline, I “invested” in a microcrap company that I believed in, I drank the Kool-Aid and ignored the illiquidity/chart pattern. Very tough, but a great lesson learned, now I’m much more cynical–perhaps overly so–but this why I want to teach others so they can avoid these sae kinds of stupid–hindsight is easy–losses

  5. Carlibra57 says:

    Timothy, what do you attribute your 500K loss to, primarily besides being “cocky”? Was this an options trade that went bad?

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