Thursday, March 9th, 2017

personal financial risk of offering stock trading tips on the internet?

If I want to start my own website which offers advice on values for a subscription? No monthly, so if it is my own personal financial risk. I can see someone blame me for the p? Loss of money. “C” how one can? To protect me.


2 Responses to “personal financial risk of offering stock trading tips on the internet?”
  1. pokerden1 says:

    Just put a disclaimer in small writing everywhere saying that you are not responsible for financial loss suffered and that they should be investing discretionary funds (or “Mad” money as Jim Cramer puts it)
    He gives stock advice on CNBC…but there is always a disclaimer on the show somewhere.

  2. john d says:

    You need a disclaimer. Look at some of the other services that do similar things. Read the disclaimer they offer. Print it out and take it to your lawyer. If you do this without legal help your nuts and just asking for trouble. There may also be rules about offering advice and then trading on the stocks you have been promoting or poo pooing. So there may also be restrictions on your own trading.

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