Monday, April 18th, 2016

Political posturing destabilizing markets

Political parades on national TV does not helps average Americans during these tough times, it only makes fragile markets more jittery. The political posturing is destabilizing financial markets on a daily basis. Those elite educated and financial people who are sitting with dozens of computers open on the NYSE floor and elsewhere in the world, watch every word coming out of the lips of politicians, their tone and delivery, and as humans they react negatively because there is nothing comforting or uplifting in those words. The tape becomes sensitive to days headlines and acts negatively. They witness a war of words between two factions, a tug of war really and an ugly process which is almost unbearable at times.

For those of us who pick few pennies here and there and eke a living they get punished, their incomes get hopelessly dashed. Those of us wish this Fiscal cliff will go away and some kind of certainty comes back to life. This country has already seen difficult times but why make it hard on prime time TV ? There is always a time to say and do things when the markets are not functioning, but does anybody cares in Washington ?


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