Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Pre Market Stock Collapse

st0ckman.blogspot.com Pre Market stock trading collapse crash of market bear sterns lehman brothers


3 Responses to “Pre Market Stock Collapse”
  1. thakerh says:

    Its hard to beleive; Lehman, the prestgious IB tumbling down!! After ass-kick by KDB, I think Price of Gulf can do something as they did they by investing a billion dollars for CITIBANK!! what say freinds??

  2. divinacomedias says:

    Massive Margin Calls I expect.

    Gold reached 1000$ per Oz. as expected…

    The Fed is accelerating the crash…

  3. DYBoulet2 says:

    This is it guys, this week, expect the unexpected.

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