Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Price Action Trading : A Sneak Peek Inside The 123LearnToTrade Advanced Price Action Trading Course

www.123LearnToTrade.com — Price action trading conventionally is trading by relying strictly on price. My interpretation of price action is a bit different because I incorporate the following *Financial Instrument’s Price * Volume Analysis * Crowd Psychology I also incorporate more conventional trading strategies and concepts such as: * Proper Money Management * Risk:Reward Scenarios * Forming proper trading mindsets Basically to be a price action trader I think you need to ditch trading indicators and softwares and rely on yourself and your understanding of how the market works to judge your trades. I think price action traders have the deepest understanding for how markets work and why they work that way which then allows them to place educated trades. Unlike other methods, to be a price action trader you need to truly understand what you are doing. You are not simply following what some indicator or software tells you but you are placing yourself at the wheel and you are responsible for analyzing all of the different factors that play into price action. If you are interested in learning more, drop by and check out our Price Action Trading Course. — www.123LearnToTrade.com


26 Responses to “Price Action Trading : A Sneak Peek Inside The 123LearnToTrade Advanced Price Action Trading Course”
  1. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @plowshit No problem! Price action trading is the way to go–hopefully we were able to help you out!

  2. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @JohnGoras5678 Thanks John glad we were able to help you out! I think price action is the only way to trade and hopefully now you will agree!

  3. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @jonatstep You are very welcome and thank you for the compliment!

  4. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @yourguk Thanks for your kind words!

  5. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @Richandy6 Thanks Andy we really do appreciate it– we try our best to provide great service and support so the pat on the back is always nice to get!!!

  6. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @RdowSupe Glad you enjoyed the course!

  7. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @stvo231 Hey Stvo– I think you will enjoy the course, look forward to seeing you around the site!

  8. stvo231 says:

    nice! im gonna order this course πŸ˜€

  9. markthedark1000 says:

    i like this

  10. RdowSupe says:

    those 6 hours i spent on these lessons were priceless

  11. Richandy6 says:

    yea these guys are great, must add great service and support

  12. donnerkurt says:


  13. yourguk says:

    i highly recomned this course to every one who is intrestied in getting into trading ..

  14. jonatstep says:

    all in one course, thanks you guys..

  15. mikey007ize says:

    this kicks balls lol

  16. richieredneck1 says:

    some great stuff hes talkin bout

  17. andy4abrandy says:

    price action tradig can be tricky, i would not suggest it to anyone you can lose alot just my opinion didn’t work for me…

  18. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @JohnGoras5678 Thanks John glad you enjoyed the course hope it helps you along with your trading.

  19. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @phreychick Glad you enjoyed it!!

  20. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @plowshit No problem drop by my channel for more vids.

  21. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @MrAndybogard Thanks for the compliment hope you enjoy the course!

  22. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @bill9ist Yes sir that is correct–are you a price action trader as well?

  23. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @stacey1ization Thanks glad you like it! Drop by the website to see more.

  24. 123LearnToTrade says:

    @stacey1ization haha thanks appreciate that!!

  25. stacey1ization says:

    damn that guys is ugly hahaha jk man no hates here πŸ˜‰

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