Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Profit big using this simple stock trading technique

www.themarketforecast.com Whether stock markets are moving up or down, this trading strategy will keep you on the right side of the market, every time. Use it for Stocks, Options, Indices, ETF’s, E-minis or any index you have dreamed about trading.

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22 Responses to “Profit big using this simple stock trading technique”
  1. sswanson2007 says:

    We provide them to our monthly subscribers.

  2. sswanson2007 says:

    The moving average period is best derived by measuring the dominant cycle and using that or 1/2 its value.

  3. sswanson2007 says:

    No. Definately not a moving average. Cycles are based on time,amplitude and phase. I provide the algorithm for our users on Tradestation or eSignal.

  4. trendwhisper says:

    Good explanation, you can learn something.

  5. Katsu5725 says:

    Where can you get the moving cycle?

  6. sfsTrader says:

    ….a custom average-range-oscillating-breakout……very interesting

  7. fukojuma says:

    hello mr swanson can you please show me how to set the indicators..thank you

  8. moxiemulgrew says:

    hi steve, I only trade the futures some evenings as I work full time, the platform I use does not offer the cysles, what other indicator if any could I use.. All the best from Ireland..

  9. cubs16 says:

    how can i get in touch with you again after this video i found. thanks

  10. cubs16 says:

    sir, i’m winky from the Philippines. i’m very interested with your software. may i know how to avail it? thank you very much. hope to hear from you soon.

  11. wwwForexsigcom says:

    Great video, very helpful info.

  12. fatfingerfive says:

    Please forgive this newbie question. In the video you memtion a ’40 periord cycle’. This is the think blue line. I gather that you do not mean a 40 period MA. What exactly is this and how would I configure this on a generic charting program?

  13. youngguus says:

    thanks for this video.. great

  14. moxiemulgrew says:

    thanks for shareing, will def check out your site keep the video’s coming and all the best from Ireland

  15. valerievalerie222 says:

    This is really nice. One thing I’ve always wondered is to choose the “n” in n-period moving averages. Are there some general guiding principles there?

  16. web30mill says:

    Thanks For the Info steve. I was back testing trades from last year and looking at other Videos.

  17. NFLMOGUL says:

    If anyone’s wondering, this is a very good trading technique. Nice work Steve!


  18. kkarinen says:

    Very useful video

  19. sswanson2007 says:

    Hello 17 year old. I teach users at my site to follow the stocks making new highs with big volume (institutional buying which are more likely to continue rising). You can go to barchart. com and click on the new highs link and see all of those updated daily. Good luck, Steve

  20. sswanson2007 says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I have a beta group using the software you see in the video. It is an add-on for eSignal if you are interested.

  21. kaysvilleunderground says:

    hey steve swanson. I am 17 years old. I am looking to invest into a company in the next few months. I am a newbie. What stocks do you suggest that you see have potential over a long period of time? What do you think I should attempt to learn first? Any tips or strategies you suggest?


  22. ford7k says:

    THANKS -a really NICE VIDEO………..Quality content -BUT FROm WHERE TO GET CYCLE FORMULA……????……

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