Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

QQQQ Trading

www.guerillastocktrading.com The QQQQ trading technique hit the investment universe some 11 years ago. Each and every dude that could slap up a internet site started delivering his QQQQ trading signals for approximately $35 a month. If you ever signed up for this kind of a service then you already recognize, it really is trash. Those QQQQ trading websites that are presumably going to assist you to make a bunch of cash with their trading systems are mainly around to help the owner of the internet site make money, not you. Returning in the later part of the 90’s, I just wanted to check out such a product to see what it was about. I signed up for a QQQQ trading service from a business called Highlight Investments Group. You never genuinely are able to get the same profits that they submit on the internet site mainly because of slippage. Highlight Investments Group just completely disregards the cost of making a trade. As an illustration, their website reveals, “Long 7/22/2010 Enter at $45.93 7/23/2010 Sell at $45.98 For a 0.11% Gain”. Consequently the website reports this stock trade as a gain! With the expense of the stock trade realized in, this stock trade was a loss for most unless of course you are trading some $100000 dollars in QQQQ and even then, you’ll almost certainly get your order filled in multiple portions on the way up. A more fair technique by Highlight Investments Group would be to cut 2% off every single signal for slippage like an individual placed $1000

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