Thursday, November 16th, 2017

QuadStation 4 – Multi-Monitor Computer System – up to 10 displays on a single PC

NTI QuadStation Multi Monitor Stock Trading & Business Professional Computer System. Perfect for Stock Traders, Programmers, Web Development, Video and Photo Editing, CAD Designers, Accountants, Attorneys and MORE!!!


25 Responses to “QuadStation 4 – Multi-Monitor Computer System – up to 10 displays on a single PC”
  1. NaplesTech says:

    @MrEnglandForever1 – If you are not a big multi tasker then a system like this is not for you but if you are think about it. Open multiple applications at once full screen without having to constantly minimize and maximize windows all day. Busy offices, surveillance companies, stock traders, 911 centers etc. Those are our biggest customers. Thanks for the comment. NTI

  2. MrEnglandForever1 says:


  3. NaplesTech says:

    All prices for our systems are shown on our website see QuadStations.c om

  4. GIFFFFTED says:

    @XxMEVANSxX how much did it cost?

  5. x0xOne says:

    @XxMEVANSxX it’s still a dream for me, but one day i’ll have it too bro πŸ™‚

  6. allanyamaha says:


  7. DayWaiter says:

    Ok ,ive got 5 screens running on 1 pc with 2 video cards- how do i get upto 10 without having room for anymore gpu’s

  8. BOS6940 says:

    how can u get more than 2 monitors??

    most pc’s only have 2 vga ports and laptops only 1, i have 2 laptops and i want my new one ( i’m using now ) to use it’s normal screen, my projector, and my lcd tv ( vga compatible )

    is there any way to do this but without getting a video card that has 2 vgas or anything like that? usb multi hub and usb – 2 – vga?

    somthing like that i’m making that stuff up as i go along lol is there a way to do it like that?? please reply asap!

  9. zybbok says:

    @Insanelivekop Orinoco Flow by Enya. It’s on her album ‘Watermark’ and The best of Enya – Paint the Sky with Stars’.

  10. NaplesTech says:

    Happy to hear that thanks ! We work hard to make sure it is Pure Quality down to the smallest component. The best across the board.

  11. Insanelivekop says:

    Whats the song?

  12. 12itzipitzi says:

    I have a project at my university where I want to use 4 video projectors as a single screen.

    I can not buy stuff I only have acces to more computers.

    Could anybody help me?

  13. XxMEVANSxX says:

    ok finally got the money together bought 6 screen station one thing i have to say AWESOME THING YOU GUYS ROCK!
    And u are right power isn’t that bad!



    I RECOMEND GUYS worth every penny

  14. rbonilla18 says:

    @kosai19 the singer is enya and the song is call oricono flow.

  15. NaplesTech says:

    The standard QuadStation uses the i7 processors, QuadCore Processor with multi-threading. We can however use a 2 processor (cpu) system with Xeon processors

  16. jimenezn87 says:

    hi, do your quad station work withtwo gpu’s? or only one?

  17. kosai19 says:

    Nice monitor setup… great music too.

  18. WoodMtnGirl says:

    i have your setup with three monitors and I can tell you one thing: once you go multi monitor, you will never go back. NTI rocks.

  19. walter0bz says:

    true it is generally nice to have applications maximized to individual monitors.

    I think my favourite configuration is one larger central screen with some surrounding smaller screens (cut down version of the “swordfish” layout πŸ™‚ )… but having screens that are the same size as pictured does also look very appealing.

  20. walter0bz says:

    yeah i know windows apps do like being fullscreened, so having 2 monitors is generally more convinient than having one larger one.
    i think my perfect layout is one larger central screen surrounded by smaller peripheral screens… like in “Swordfish” πŸ™‚

  21. NaplesTech says:

    No borders is very nice, but the system is not being used as a video wall, QuadStations are used for multiple applications, so the bezels are not as noticeable when running multiple screens – most of the monitor manufactures are designing their monitors with “thin” bezels now, and they are getting thinner.

  22. NaplesTech says:

    Power consumption on the QuadStations are very low – NTI QuadStations are built with energy efficiency in mind. Every measure has been taken to produce the most energy efficient system without sacrificing any performance. Energy saving power supplies, low power consumption and lead free video cards, extra cooling, ultra quiet cases. Many of our customers run their QuadStations 24×7 but sometimes shutting them down over the weekends.

  23. walter0bz says:

    its more cost effective to get more medium sized monitors
    (economies of scale in manufacture i think?)

    eg 2560×1600 about same price as 4x1920x1200, but the latter is about double the total number of pixels

    arguably nicer to not have the borders though

  24. XxMEVANSxX says:

    maybe i willbuy a quad station but with 6 screens just for the heg of it! do they consume a lot of power? my pc’s rund about 15-24 Hours a day sometimes the run for weeks!

  25. NaplesTech says:

    QuadStataion Specs: Anyone have any questions about our specs please feel free to post. The most common question is about operating system and memory.

    With our systems, you can have any Windows operating system you want . Keep in mind that the maximum memory is totally dependent on the OS. For example Windows XP32 will only recognize a max of 3G of memory on any system, period. Vista 32 will now see up to max of 4g after the SP1 release.

    The only way to go higher is with 64 Bit OS.

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