Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


10 Responses to “Re: Forex MegaDroid Review – Scam or Real Deal”
  1. PREZ150 says:

    @hightorque13 Dont waste money your on any Forex Robots. Learn how to invest in forex by studying information on the internent.

  2. spernoadversa says:

    Hey , I just wanna say thanks alot for these videos . Has there been a forex robot that you have tried yet that actually does work. It’s too bad that you lost some money with these scams but it is a blessing that you are able to warn people about them.

  3. PREZ150 says:

    @spernoadversa No I ‘ve try meagadroid and Ivybot the same thing. You be 100 years old before you break even.

  4. PREZ150 says:

    @ Leokawai82 I cannot use robots, but now I am learning of form manual the form of currency commerce.

  5. Leokawai82 says:

    Go to forex trading systems reviews and forexpeacearmy com com

  6. tonygomez0605 says:

    I could have told you for free that robots didnt work. But eveyone learns on their own, dont they? LOL!

  7. PREZ150 says:

    @tonygomez0605 Well I did’nt ask you . Ass hole.

  8. tonygomez0605 says:

    Perhaps you should have. And are the expletives really necessary for grown ups? If you would like help on how to trade successfully without the use of robots (ie the holy grail) then I will be happy to help you. As long as you can curb your attitude and your language and be an adult.

  9. PREZ150 says:

    @tonygomez0605 Oh that more ” free” advice don’t need it . Go bother somebody else jack ass.

  10. MsFancyfeet says:

    Yes, MegaDroid is one of the Expert Advisers with better results. I would put the risk level to 0. 3, although some people put themselves to 0. 4, 0. 5 or 0. 6, but the detracciones are too great, and I also not to use the aggressive adjustment, or the way of maquillaje. It makes a little money, but in the long term. It is a very good way to invest the money, is better than the majority of the investment funds.

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