Thursday, February 2nd, 2017


10 Responses to “Richard Hill on 80’s trading day”
  1. ElektronicBrain says:

    75 -80 Dollar Mark. . . My how I miss the voice brokers!

  2. leejoliver says:

    Max Loder, John the Butcher Dewhurst, Kevin Moore, is that Pater Maltz? Richard Gil? Bish bash bosh,

  3. pjp3433 says:

    The operation of a beeper Reuters charge while in a motor vehicle, resulting in the negotiating room, and striping through some poor chap way around the world. I’ve gone all misty eyes!

  4. gabscevi says:

    I suggest también Pavlou2. in Youtube, Gabriel previously Barclays Milan him enviaremosse refers a

  5. gsd1960 says:

    Well that’s it maltzy. . . . . . looking about 17!

  6. budvarka1 says:

    Where s the second half?

  7. ChuckyCal says:

    @ ElektronicBrain still exist! Tullett Prebon Spot FX!

  8. zn8ke says:

    John Dewhurst hehe. . What a performer :) Love this. thanks for putting it up. As I recall there was more. . A whole tape with goodies. Care to make it all available?


  9. gabscevi says:

    Second half on “Pavlou2″

  10. gabscevi says:

    To be able to break in many parts loads seen mÃximo of 5 min. I am going to deal with

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