Thursday, December 28th, 2017

RUT Butterfly Trade

This is a RUT Butterfly trade for Dec options expiring on Dec 18 th. Please don’t use options earlier than those as the trade risk /reward changes.  The B/E points are 735 and 785. If RUT starts closing beyond those points the trade needs to be closed for small losses. RUT is very strong and is moving out from a cup and handle pattern. This is the leading index at the moment. Max profits occur at 760 for $4837 at expiration which 2 weeks out.  Our target is to make 20-40% percent and  declare victory.

RUT  December Butterfly Trade posted 12/1/10  11.35

Buy 2  RUT December 18  710 puts

Sell 4   RUT December 18  760 puts

Buy 2  RUT December 18  810 puts=  Debit 25.50



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