Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Senate passes Financial Reform Bill

Senate passes Financial reform Bill 59-39

national anger  pours at  Wall Street.

The Culture of Greed perhaps has come to a halt. This is a comprehensive sweeping reform the biggest since Depression Era of 1930s. Watch the video.


According to Huffington Post ” In its broad sweep, the massive bill would touch Wall Street CEOs and first-time home buyers, high-flying traders and small town lenders. The 59-39 vote represents an important achievement for President Barack Obama, and comes just two months after his health care overhaul became law.”

As the bells were tolling for Wall Street, a horrific sell off was wiping off trillions of dollars wealth in our stock market. The market was slammed 376 points to the ground. The intensity was remarkable, I have not seen this level of fury since 2008 and it was a quite an event by itself. The selling was relentless till the bell rang out.

Ask yourself why are you here today in this poor state struggling to pay bills, losing homes, losing jobs and being unemployed ?  Because some people in this country chose wrong leaders who in turn let irresponsibility get out of hand on Wall street and Washington at the same time, and what a crisis we have been through!

It all started with Wall Street and amid a culture of greed and more greed that brought America to its knees. Never before since Great Depression Americans have suffered this way economically, and lost everything and still coping to get by and survive. It all started with Greed on Wall Street and it all will end at the doors of Wall Street.

With the passage of this historical reform under President Obama’s leadership no one in America has to face this crisis again. Never again our financial institutions will go bankrupt and to be bailed out by taxpayers. With strong consumer protection features of this bill, Americans will be empowered greatly to shape their own financial destiny.

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